The following list of issues for consideration in making submissions is not exhaustive and not in any particular order.

In preparation of your submission, the following issues may assist:

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) should:

  • Release of traffic modelling and analysis,
  • Release alternative options were considered by TfNSW,
  • Justify changes to intersections now, PRIOR opening of M4M5 Link tunnel,
  • Provide any evidence that proposals will solve local, not just arterial road problems,
  • Justify changes to intersections now, during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Disconnection of Haberfield, Ashfield and Five Dock.

Destroy and further disrupt the natural boundary of Haberfield, the heritage Garden Suburb planned between Parramatta Rd, Iron Cove Creek and Hawthorne Canal.

Destruction of Haberfield shopping village.

Force Haberfield and Ashfield residents to detour in and around their own suburb.

Force Haberfield and Ashfield drivers onto local streets in Five Dock, Summer Hill and Leichhardt.

Force Rodd Point & Russel Lea drivers onto local streets in Haberfield.

Increased delays for residents at Ramsay St and Dalhousie St intersection Haberfield Village shopping centre precinct.

Increased delays for local residents at:

  • Bland St and Parramatta Rd intersection,
  • Dalhousie St and Ramsay St intersection,
  • Ramsay St and Wattle St intersection,
  • Sloane St and Parramatta Rd intersection,
  • Ramsay St and Marion St intersection.

Increase traffic in and around:

  • Haberfield Public, Dobroyd Point and Joan of Arc Schools,
  • Chandos St, Denman Ave, Alt St, Bland St, Yasmar Ave, Gillies Ave, and Rogers Ave,
  • Timbrell Dr, Mortley Ave, Boomerang St, Waratah St, Minto Ave, Crane Ave, and Chelmsford Ave,
  • Ramsay St, Marion St, towards City West Link via Foster St, and Darley Rd.

No right in or out of Dalhousie St intersection will turn Bland St & Parramatta Rd, into a major intersection.

100 extra vehicles, per hour, expected on Bland St Haberfield, towards Parramatta Rd intersection.

Bland St Ashfield can not cope with existing, never mind more traffic.

No direct route into Dalhousie for Ashfield residents via Liverpool Road.

The U-turn bay for Dalhousie St access from Parramatta Rd requires an extra 600 metres of travel.

Disconnection of Haberfield and Ashfield communities

No direct travel from Dalhousie St onto Orpington St or Chandos St, Ashfield or Ashfield station.

No 406 Bus route from Dalhousie St into Orpington St, Ashfield.

Significant impact on Ashfield Park.

Haberfield residents can not access Parramatta Rd M4 East tunnel entrance.

Vehicles exiting to tunnel at Parramatta Rd will have difficulty turning left into Dalhousie St.

Eight residential car spaces will be removed from Bland St, Haberfield.

Nine residential car spaces will be removed from Mortley Ave.

Multiple lanes for extended car queuing in Bland St, Haberfield at intersection with Parramatta Rd.

No right turn from M4E into Waratah St for Haberfield residents.

No pedestrian crossing on Waratah St at Wattle St very dangerous for pedestrians.

Vehicles turning left out of Waratah St have to give way to busy Wattle St tunnel entrance traffic.

Parramatta Rd Pedestrian Bridge impacts Ashfield Park

Waratah St Pedestrian Bridge impacts Timbrell Park

The U-turn bay on Parramatta Rd risks the gates of Yasmar Heritage Estate & Garden

The forthcoming Ashfield Woolworths supermarket at Bland St will have additional impact.

Haberfield hosts numerous childcare and the Ella centre – patrons at risk from additional traffic