Policies and Intended Actions of Candidates at 2021 Inner West Elections


Issue Department of Defence proposed development at 140A Hawthorne Parade, Haberfield and other possible uses.
Da Cruz, M. Dello-Iacovo, M. Hannaford, V-A. Raciti, V. Scott, P.
The Inner West is desperately short of green open space and part of this site has already been identified for this purpose and there is potential a need to expand this with tree planting and other water management measures to address sea level rise and contamination. Any subdivision would need to be in keeping with Haberfield's subdivision and potential flooding.


The land is flood prone which must be considered for any development in the area. I am opposed to having the trees and green space destroyed. I support anti-flooding measures to be put in place while minimising damage to the trees and green space as much as possible.


It has been raised on numerous occasions over the years that this site is situated in a flood zone. Council has no say in what they decide to do with the site. They can decide to sell but if they wish to develop the site Council can ensure the DA is suitable for the site in regards to density and impact on the surrounding area.


No response Local Labor shares the Association’s concerns about the unsuitability of the land at 140A Hawthorne Parade for housing, due to flooding and access and believes that the Department of Defence should transfer the land to community use (potentially as an urban wetland, or as open green space), by transferring the title to the Inner West Council. To this end, as a local candidate I worked with the current Ward Councillor to suggest a motion which was put forward as an urgent Mayoral Minute with a unity approach, at the Council meeting on 26 October, requesting that the Minister for Defence attend an onsite meeting with the Mayor, Ward Councillors and staff to observe the unsuitability of the site for redevelopment; and that Council organises a Community briefing and a Councillors’ briefing on the Haberfield Defence Lands, addressing particularly the significant safety concerns associated with the establishment a residential precinct on this site which has major flooding and access issues. I will continue to pressure Defence to review and reconsider 140A Hawthorne Parade.

HabAs Candidates' Survey 2021

HabAs Candidates' Survey 2021