Friends of Haberfield

Better Planning Network
A coalition of over 400 Community Groups interested in better planning laws
for NSW, taking local interests as well as environmetal issues into account alongside economic interests.

Crown is Our Land
A response to the Crown Lands Review and White Paper foreshadowing chnages to the Crown Lands Act

Dictionary of Sydney: Haberfield
Walking around Haberfield's wide, leafy streets and enjoying its intertwining gardens just five kilometres west of Sydney's central business district, one might think this is how suburbia has always been. But look east, across the Hawthorne Canal into Leichhardt, and one sees the mishmash of buildings associated with the appalling living conditions and blight of the nineteenth-century industrial city.

Dictionary of Sydney: Yasmar
The Yasmar Estate is without doubt one of western Sydney's 'Great Houses'. It is a rare survivor from the period when wealthy landholders and businessmen invested in architecturally designed houses set in spacious grounds. They were laid out, according to mid-nineteenth century landscaping protocols and reflected the power and aspirations of their owners.

Few of these great nineteenth century houses have survived, and those that have, such as Lyndhurst and Willandra, have lost their gardens and surrounding land. Of the handful within the Cumberland Plain to retain the core elements of their original settings, Yasmar alone still stands.

Ashfield & District Historical Society
to promote an interest in the history of Ashfield Municipality by providing regular activities such as walks, talks and inspections relating to Ashfield and tocollect and conserve photographs, documents and information relative to the history of Ashfield Municipality for the benefit of members and the community.

Inner West Council
Local Government Authority for Haberfield. The Haberfield Association was instrumental in getting Haberfield declared a Conservation Area in 1985 and helped to write the entries for the Local Environment Plan (LEP) and the Development Control Plan (DCP) which control all Devlepment Applications in Haberfield.

National Trust (NSW)
The State office of the National Trust located at the S.H. Ervin Gallery, Upper Fort Street, Millers Point, (The Rocks) Sydney.

Australian Heritage Council

Heritage Office of New South Wales

Ian Evan's World of Old Houses
Restoring, renovating or maintaining an old house, heritage building or traditional architecture? Look here for information, advice & assistance.

Colonel Light Gardens
In June 1915, the Vaughan Labor Government purchased the property 'Grange Farm', south of Adelaide, from the trustees of the estate of William Tennant Mortlock.
The farm occupied 121.4 hectares (298 acres) and the government intended to establish the site as a 'model garden suburb'.

Brentham Heritage Society
The origins of Brentham can be traced back to the Arts and Crafts and Garden City movements. House were starting to be built in late 1901.

Hamstead Garden Suburb
In March 1906 the Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust Limited (the Old Trust) came into being for the purpose of buying 243 acres of land near the Hampstead Heath Extension from the Trustees of Eton College.


Dobroyd Aquatic Club
(started in Haberfield in 1939). In the early 1930’s locals were starting to use Iron Cove waters for many water sports: Sailing, Rowing, Power boating, and so a public meeting was called to form a Club.

UTS Haberfield Rowers Club
The UTS Haberfield Club (formerly known as Haberfield Rowing Club) is fully owned and operated by ActivateUTS (trading name of UTS Union Limited), having been acquired by the organisation in 1992.