Ashfield – Blocked off from Haberfield
by an Extended Urban Motorway

The NSW Government, through Transport for NSW, has released a series of proposals on the local traffic network.

If implemented, as currently proposed, the proposed changes to Parramatta Road at Ashfield Park will remove vital walking, cycling and driving links across the Haberfield and funnel traffic onto neighbouring Bland Street.

The biggest change proposed is the removal of traffic lights at Dalhousie and Waratah Streets.

This will result in:

  • A six lane urban motorway, flowing next to Ashfield Park
  • Removal of Ashfield Park crossing to Haberfield – used by school children attending Haberfield Public, people on bikes, and walkers accessing Haberfield.
  • Access to the City-bound 461 service more difficult as crossing Parramatta Rd becomes more challenging
  • No information on the 406 bus route
  • No Right Turn into or out of Dalhousie St at Parramatta Road – the only right turn between Norton St Leichhardt and Great North Road Five Dock
  • Additional traffic on Bland Street
  • Access to Haberfield from Parramatta Road via a U Turn with a Stop/Give-Way
  • Left turn from Dalhousie St into Parramatta Rd with Stop/Give-Way
  • Public access to large sections of Ashfield Park could be removed during construction of a potential footbridge

See all the proposed changes at:  or  download the Community Update

Contact RMS/TfNSW by email: or phone 1800 951212.

Comments and feedback have been invited - deadline of Sunday 24th May by email to

Please copy the Haberfield Association into any emails you send raising issues: bcc:

A recording of the first webinar presentation and Q&A is available here and the second webinar at this link  then select the " Join anonymously" link.

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