Friends of Yasmar

Friends of Yasmar (FoY) sub-committee of the Haberfield Association has been actively involved in restoring the garden which was last rejuvenated about 1990.

After years of negotiations, under the guidance of  (Australian Garden History Society's) Gina Plate FoY have been weeding (incl asparagus fern), trimming wisteria, stacking vegetable matte and in general fighting back the years of neglect.

Russell moved hundreds of date palm fronds, Gordon transformed a field of fleabane into a bocce court and with assistance from Therese, Lois has been tireless in clearing the front area (known as Lois’ Line).

Working bees are a hoot. Officially from 9am to 12md on the first and third Thursdays of the month. Last bee saw 9 people. Punters bring morning tea. We have a laugh, discuss old times, tell jokes and create fables.

If you are inspired to help, and this is a very worthwhile enterprise, you need to join the Haberfield Association in order to be covered by insurance.

Next session Thursday 7th February 2019 from 9am

Entrance is by Chandos Street Haberfield.

The trees are magnificent.